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Before marriage, these things are most searched by girls on Google! men will be surprised

Most searched thing on google: After marriage, there is a sudden big change in the life of any person. Especially the life of a woman or girl gets turned upside down. There is a different fear in the mind of girls about marriage. In such a situation, many times girls sit on Google searching for strange things before marriage.

This is the search history of married women on Google

It is believed that Google has the answers to all the questions, but according to research, after marriage, women ask Google some questions that all men will be surprised to know about. Let’s find out which one. That is the question.

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Over the last several decades, Google has become the largest search engine in the world. People believe that Google has the answer to every question in the world, whether it is a big man or a common man. But a recent report also found that most women search on Google after marriage, you can’t stop laughing when you see the results of most searched things on google by women. But after marriage let us know

Girls are more excited than boys before marriage. Girls sit in this haste by searching for many strange things on Google. Before marriage, girls search fiercely for clothes on Google. Apart from this, girls also search for how their dress should be after marriage. After getting married, there is a big change in the dress of girls.

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The right age to get married

Girls are very excited about their marriage and apart from this, a different fear remains in their minds. Especially she asks Google what is the right age to get married. Before marriage, girls ask themselves these questions whether they are in a hurry by getting married now. There is always this fear in the mind of girls that they are not too young to get married somewhere.

How to keep husband happy

Before marriage, girls often worry about how they will feel after going to a new house. Whether she will be able to mold herself in the new house or not. Because of this, she also searches on Google for how to keep her husband happy after marriage. Apart from this, girls also ask questions to Google about their mother-in-law.

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