Water and Hydration

Drinking cold water in summers can be dangerous, and with weight gain, these damages will happen!

As soon as summer comes, people crave cold food and drink. To get relief from the heat, they often start drinking cold water from the fridge. On the other hand, this water can be extremely harmful to one’s health.

Many people store water bottles in the refrigerator or water cooler to stay hydrated during summers. According to experts, drinking cold water is injurious to your health, especially when the weather changes from winter to summer. Read on to know some of the harmful effects of drinking cold water in the summer months:-

7 Side effects of drinking ice-cold water in summers:

Throat infection:

Drinking excessively cold water increases the chances of sore throat and nasal congestion. Drinking cold water, especially after a meal causes excess mucus that builds up in the respiratory tract and exposes you to various types of inflammatory infections, so tries to avoid It as much as possible.

Slows down the heart rate:

Cold water has also proved to be helpful in reducing the heart rate. When you drink cold water, the cold temperature activates the nerves, causing your heart rate to slow down.

Disturbances in digestion:

Drinking excessively cold water can cause constriction of blood vessels which in turn disturbs digestion, this is because cold water causes the stomach to contract, making digestion more difficult after a meal. The digestive system is affected quickly by cold water.

Difficult to lose weight:

Cold water makes it difficult to burn the fat stored in your body, which makes it difficult to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight, stay away from cold water.

Tooth sensitivity:

Drinking chilled water can lead to dental problems such as tooth sensitivity, which makes it difficult to chew or drink. It is recommended that you try to drink normal room temperature water most of the time to avoid any problems.

Headache and Sinus

Drinking too much cold can also cause the problem of ‘brain freeze’. This happens due to excessive consumption of ice water or ice cream. In this, the cold water cools the sensitive nerves of the spine, due to which affects the brain. For this reason, headaches and sinus problems can also occur.

Shocks your body

Drinking chilled water after a strenuous workout should be strictly avoided. Many people make the mistake of drinking chilled water, especially during summer after work out. Your body generates a lot of heat when you work out. If you drink chilled water, there is a temperature mismatch that takes a toll on your digestive health. Your body also finds it difficult to absorb cold water after working out. Drinking chilled water right after working out may lead to chronic stomach pain as extremely cold water shocks your body.

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