Amazing Fact! Why Beer Bottles Colors Are Green Or Brown?

Amazing Fact! Why Beer Bottles Colors Are Green Or Brown?

Beer Bottles: Beer is one of the most favorite beverages in the world. Let us tell you that among the oldest beverages in the world, beer is in third place after water, tea.

According to an old figure, 43,52,65,50,00,000 beer cans are consumed every year around the world. In today’s era, whether there is a party mood in a pub or an atmosphere of celebration among friends, beer is the only thing that is present everywhere.

Have you ever noticed?

But people who empty the beer bottles must have noticed that the bottle given to them is either green or brown in color.

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Have you ever seen beer in a bottle other than these two colors? But even today most of the drinkers do not know the reason why beer bottles come in these two colors.

Do you just focus on drinking?

Most of the people mean by simply gulping down the beer, they do not look at the reasons behind it. In such a situation, let us tell you what is the reason for this. It is said that humans have been using beer since the time of the Sumerian civilization of ancient Mesopotamia.

The first beer company is believed to have opened in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Then the packing of beer was done in transparent bottles. Then it was found that by packing it in a white bottle, the acid of the beer is spoiling the ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet rays) coming out of the sun’s rays. Because of this, the beer used to smell bad and people did not drink.

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The company took out this formula

Beer makers devised a plan to solve this problem. Under this, brown coated bottles were selected for beer. This trick worked. Beer kept in bottles of this color was not spoiled, because the sun’s rays did not affect the brown bottles.

The green Beer Bottles were chosen as

Actually, during the Second World War, there was a famine of brown bottles. Bottles of this color were not available. In such a situation, the beer makers had to choose such a color, which would not be affected by the sun’s rays. Then green color was chosen instead of brown color. Since then, the beer started coming in green bottles.

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Chirag Joshi
Chirag Joshi
2 years ago

Awesome!! I don’t drink but I know what is beer but never know about the colors. Thank you for sharing such a valuable information.

2 years ago