Is it right or wrong to physically intimate during periods? Learn both the aspects

Menstruation, during the period, there are many changes in the body of women. Women have to face many problems during periods.

Not only this, abdominal pain, back pain, but during periods, women get irritability and anger a lot. During this, a woman needs to take care of herself the most.

Many types of questions come into the minds of people regarding menstruation. One such question is whether it is right for women to have a relationship with their partner during periods? or wrong.

Married women are more confused about whether to have a relationship during this time or not.

In the earlier times, girls were locked in a separate room during this time as impure. However, now the time has changed. There has also been a change in the thinking of the people. Let us tell you whether it is safe to have a relationship in periods or not.

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No study has proved that it is harmful to make physical relations during periods. However, it has not been said to be beneficial either. So it has both its disadvantages and advantages.

Should I have a relationship or not?

Sometimes having physically intimate during periods can be messy. There is also a risk of infection from having physically intimate. For example, there may be a problem of HIV, herpes or hepatitis. In such a situation, having a physical relationship can be risky.

Higher risk of infection during periods

According to experts, there has a risk of infection when a couple has oral, anal, vaginal, or other types of physical genital contact or even during menstruation. Normally the pH level of the vagina is 3.8 to 4.5 but the pH level rises during periods. This increases the risk of yeast infection. Having physically intimate during periods increases blood flow in some women.

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Benefits of having physically intimate during periods

According to experts, the symptoms of menstruation like cramps, migraine, and headaches can be reduced by making a relationship during this time.

Generally, the chances of conceiving are high on day 14 of ovulation (post-menstrual and 7-7 days before), but the risk of pregnancy is low during periods.

Not just physical pleasure, also an exercise

It is said that during this time, having a relationship with a partner burns calories, due to which the weight remains under control. Along with this, women also get exercise, due to which the blood flow remains correct.

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