Foot Massage For Diabetes

Diabetes patients must get a massage in this part of the body, blood sugar levels will be under control

Reflexology For Diabetes: Diabetes becomes such a disease that age does not leave you, because till now scientists have failed to find a solid treatment for it. Patients with diabetes have to take special care of their food, drink, and lifestyle, otherwise, their blood sugar level increases, which leads to the risk of many other diseases. In such a situation, you can try massage therapy which is called reflexology. This not only improves blood circulation but also helps in relieving tension. So let us know how this method can provide relief in the disease of diabetes.

Why is reflexology beneficial?

You must have heard the name of acupressure, reflexology works on this principle. Its concept is that different parts of our soles are connected to particular parts of the body, and if there is pressure in those parts, it also affects the parts of the body. The soles of our feet are divided into 5 zones, which last from the toes to the heels, while the part of the body is divided into 10 zones on which reflexology has an effect.

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Effect of reflexology on diabetes

According to a theory of the 19th century, reflexology works to excite our neurons. If pressure is applied gently to our soles, the nerves get excited which sends a message to the central nervous system. Due to this, our body gets a lot of rest, it has a positive effect on the mind, breath, and blood circulation. When you massage the feet, it not only relaxes the body but also the mind and gives freedom from tension. Due to less stress, the blood sugar level also starts coming under control.

The pressure on the pressure point is important

Most reflexologists believe that applying pressure to these pressure points in the feet helps normalize blood sugar levels by controlling the body’s organs responsible for carbohydrate metabolism. It has been proved in many types of research that due to reflexology, the pancreas and liver get excited, due to which the sugar level starts normalizing.

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(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. THE MONK does not confirm this.)

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