Because of US President ‘Teddy’ was made, Interesting things about ‘Cute Bear’

Interesting things about 'Cute Bear'

Teddy Bear is everyone’s favorite. Teddy bear has always been one of the most popular choices of toy for adults and children alike. They bring comfort and joy to everyone.

The fourth day of Valentine’s Week i.e. 10th February is celebrated as Teddy Day. On this day people gift teddy to someone special as a sign of love. Teddy bears are gifted on many occasions other than Valentine’s Week. Now whether it is someone’s birthday or some function.

Apart from this, many people sleep with a soft teddy, which makes them sleep well. There are many varieties of teddies with different colors available in the market, while their demand increases a lot in Valentine’s Veer.

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History Behind Teddy Bear-

Teddy Day is named after US President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt. Once he went hunting for a bear, but seeing his innocence, he did not shoot at him and after that he decided not to kill the animals. A cute little teddy/soft toy was made to honor his decision.

It is said that on February 15, 1903, Morris Mitchtom, owner of a candy store in New York, was the first to officially make a teddy bear.

Express the feeling of love, feeling and romance by gifting a heart touching, special feeling and childhood reminiscence teddy. Seeing this, the person in front feels very special. Your partner can keep Teddy with him for a long time, which will remind him of you.

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Red teddy

You can gift a red teddy to that special person whom you want to convey your loving feelings, it brings emotionally strong in any relation.

Pink Teddy

When you want to get an answer to your proposal, then you can gift a teddy of this color. If the person in front accepts it, it means your work is done

Orange teddy

If you are going to propose someone and want to grab his attention, then you can gift a teddy of this color. Orange color symbolizes happiness, positivity and good vibes.

Blue Teddy

The blue colored teddy shows how deep your love is for the person in front.

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Green Teddy

Green teddy is a symbol of emotional connection and commitment. If you give a green teddy to someone, it will mean that you will wait for him.

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Danny john
Danny john
1 year ago

I am not aware about this fact 👍 good

Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma
1 year ago
Reply to  Danny john

Thanks John

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