Kissing also causes disease, know what is ‘kissing disease’

Kissing also causes disease, know what is 'kissing disease'

Do you drink a coke with the same straw, do you eat ice cream with the same spoon… so be careful. This disease spread through kissing is called ‘kissing disease’ or ‘Mono’. 

According to Dr.  ‘Kissing disease can be spread by many viruses, but it has been seen in 90 percent of the cases that the disease is spread by Epstein Barr virus (EBV), which is caused by human saliva. 

When a person comes into contact with another person during kissing, the virus is passed from person to person and then spreads throughout the body. 

According to the American organization Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), kissing disease is also called human herpes 4. 

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This virus is a virus of the herpes family. Dr. Anurag says that this disease is a self-limiting disease, but it is also cured with supportive treatment.

How does this virus spread?

Epstein Barr virus usually affects young people and adolescents. Even if children are infected, they show fewer symptoms, while the risk of infection is less in the elderly. This virus spreads through blood transmission, erotic contact, coughing, and sneezing.

What is the defense against kissing disease?

There is no specific treatment for Kissing’s disease. It is a viral disease where antibiotics do not work. Therefore, the disease is treated with supportive treatment. 

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Symptoms such as fever with fatigue, body aches, and sore throat appear for 1 week after the virus has entered the body. Speak less when you have a sore throat. Make gargles with lukewarm water.

Take care of oral and other hygiene.

  • Do not let anyone in the family use your false utensils.
  • Don’t use someone else’s glass.
  • Do not share food and drink with others.

Kissing disease, also known as infectious mononucleosis, is a disease caused by infection. Its cases are rarely seen in India. With some precautions, this disease can be avoided.’

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