Frequent Urination

Do not ignore the frequent urination, Maybe a sign of major diseases

Frequent Urination: Be it a road trip or a meeting in the office, people often sit with urine for hours on these occasions. But while doing so, they would hardly have realized how much harm they are doing unknowingly to their health.

Yes, you may also be surprised to hear this, or you may have done something like this on many occasions. Let us tell you, stopping urine has a bad effect on many parts of the body. 

It is a normal routine to urinate 8-10 times a day after drinking water. However, if you have to go to pass urine again and again, then it can be a matter of concern. Doing this can also be a sign of some big disease growing inside you. Let us know which diseases can be a sign of this problem and how can it be dealt with.

These reasons cause frequent urination

There can be many reasons behind frequent urination. These may include drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, using diuretic medicines, being pregnant, having a pelvic tumor, or having a stroke.

Frequent Urination Can be a sign of diabetes

If you feel the need to urinate frequently, then it can be a big sign of diabetes. In such a situation, you need to get yourself checked up by a good doctor immediately. The sooner you start treatment with the doctor, the sooner you can save yourself from the disease.

May be bladder cancer

Sometimes urinary tract infection (UTI) can also lead to frequent urination. During this, the external infection enters the body and causes inflammation in your urinary tract. Sometimes the matter becomes serious and becomes the cause of bladder cancer.

Prostate enlargement causes problems

The prostate is a golf-ball sized gland. As the body grows, its size also increases. However, if its size increases, it can put pressure on the urinary system of the body and can cause frequent urination.

Improve lifestyle

If you are also facing this problem then you need to improve your lifestyle. By doing this you can overcome this problem even without any medicine. For this, you should limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine. 

Do Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. If you take any such medicine, which removes liquid from the body, consult a doctor about it. Do not drink liquids before sleeping.

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