Color of urine changed ?, it can be a sign of this serious disease!

Change in the color of urine, it can be a sign of this serious disease!

The color of your urine can tell which disease you are suffering from. Actually, to find out all the changes happening inside our body, it is very important to know the color of urine and the reasons. Because the color of your urine will be known at the same time what is going on in your body. So let’s know which color of urine is most dangerous.

Color of urine
Change in the color of urine

Darkening of urine is a danger sign

According to media reports, the darker the color of urine, the more the risk of diseases inside the body increases. Actually, urine contains a chemical called urochrome. Urochrome is a yellow pigment. Due to which the color of urine appears yellow. Sometimes the color is changed even by the use of medicines.

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Transparent colored urine

When your urine appears to be of transparent, then understand that you drink too much water. Staying hydrated is a good thing, but drinking too much water can deplete your body of electrolytes. If sometimes the color of It appears transparent, then there is no need to panic at all. If your urine always looks transparent, then it is a sign that you need to drink less water.

Why urine comes in dark yellow color

Its color varies from light yellow to dark yellow due to urochrome pigments. When you drink water, this pigment gets diluted. Urochrome is formed due to the breakdown of hemoglobin in the body. It is believed that sometimes due to the high amount of vitamin-D in the blood, dark yellow of urine is seen.

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Causes of red and pink color of urine

If you get red and pink colored urine then you do not need to panic because it depends on what you eat. Even after this, the color of your urine constantly comes pink and red. So you need to be a little cautious, because such color of urine can also be due to many diseases, such as enlarged prostate, kidney stone, tumor in the bladder or kidney etc.

Blue and green urine

Usually, many times you eat such things, due to which your blue and green color are also there. A dye called methylene blue is used in many candies and some medicines, due to which the color of your urine can appear blue.

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(Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a claim or substitute for treatment. Always consult your doctor for more details.)

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