Yamraj’s court temple! people hesitate to go inside

Dev Bhoomi Himachal has its own wonderful story. Today, we will tell you a unique story about the Bharmour of Chamba (Yamraj Temple).

According to Hindu beliefs, Yamraj is considered the lord of death. In order to take the souls of the people of this world, Yamraj, along with his messengers, comes on a buffalo to earth from Yamaloka. Taking the soul to Yamaloka,

Chitragupta shares the account of his sins and virtues. Yamraj’s court is set up to assess the weight of the soul’s sins and virtues and then the verdict is given to take them to heaven and hell.

It is believed that this court of Yamraj is also held on earth. Let us know at which place on earth and on which day the court of Yamraj is held.

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Temple of Yamraj

All over the world, the Yamraj temple is situated in Chamba.  It is said that if you do not come to this temple while you are alive, then you will have to come here after you die.

Yamraj's court temple! people hesitate to go inside

Many people panic on hearing the name of Yamraj, but after coming here, both sin and virtue of a person are decided. After death in the temple, it is decided whether you will get heaven or hell.

Chitragupta the secretary of Yamraj

The soul coming to the temple has to go to another deity who is known as Chitragupta before going to Dharmaraja. Chitragupta is the secretary of Yamraj, who keeps an account of the deeds of the soul.

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Chitragupta the secretary of Yamraj

Door to heaven

Chitragupta’s court is right in front of the temple. Many times such sounds are heard in the temple premises as if there is an argument in the court. Also, there are stairs next to the temple, which are also seen as the door to heaven.

It is believed that in case of unnatural death, the body is donated here. Along with this, there is also the Vaitarni river on the premises, where cow donation is done. Perhaps this is the reason why Himachal is called Dev Bhoomi.

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