Difference between Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic food

In our scriptures and Ayurveda, food is divided into three parts: Satvik, Rajasic, and Tamasic. Rajasic food was prepared in the house of kings and maharanis, that is, ghee, oil, and spices are used more. Tamasic food includes meat-fish, garlic-onion, etc., while the simple food of sadhus and saints is called sattvic food. It is considered the purest and good for the body.

What is sattvic food in Ayurveda?

sattvic food
sattvic food

According to Ayurveda experts, food prepared in a pure way without onion-garlic and very little oil and spices is called sattvic food. It has been called the best and pure in Ayurveda and Hindu scriptures. Sadhus and saints always eat such food. According to experts, it provides complete nutrition and energy to the body and makes the mind calm. Sattvic food is mostly boiled. If you prepare food in a pure way and eat it within 2-3 hours, then it is also a sattvic food. Apart from this, these things can be included – whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, fruit juices, milk, ghee, butter, nuts, honey, lentils, and vegetables without onion-garlic, etc.

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Feeling of peace and happiness- According to Ayurveda, eating sattvic food gives mental peace. This not only removes the fatigue of the body but also gives a feeling of peace and happiness to the person.

Increases beauty- Sattvic food is completely healthy and pure, so experts say that eating such food makes your skin and hair beautiful.

Full of Nutritiousness – Since Sattvic food is mostly made by boiling only or fresh fruits and vegetables are consumed in it, they are rich in nutrients. Since the use of oil, spices, and sugar is negligible, it is very good for heart patients and diabetic patients.

What is Rajasic food?

Rajasic foods are very hot (spicy)bitterdry, or salty. Excess flavoring of salt and spices is given to food to make it tastier. Rajasic foods are irritants and stimulants. Any canned food (fruits, beans, vegetables) that are sweetened or salted is Rajasic. Also, Bottled Fruit Juices and Fermented Foods are Rajasic in nature. All tempting foods come under the category of Rajasic food.

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Effect Of Rajasic Food On Mind, Body, and Emotions:

  • People who are dominated by Rajasic qualities tend to be ambitiousaggressive, egoistic, competitive, and proud of themselves.
  • They have a tendency to control others.
  • They work hard and like power, prestige, and position and are perfectionists.
  • They suffer from a fear of failure, tend to be angry and jealous, and have few moments of joy.
  • Rajasic individuals are quickly drained of mental energy
  • They require at least 8 hours of sleep as their quality of sleep is not so good.

What is Tamasic food?

Tamasic food
Tamasic food

Food prepared by adding a lot of oil, spices, and onion-garlic comes in the category of tamasic food. This includes meat, fish as well as food made from onion-garlic, leavened things, etc. By eating such food, the body becomes sluggish and the person does not feel like doing any work. His mind starts wandering and there is no peace of mind and physical energy at all.

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Tamasic food is not considered good for the body and mind in Ayurveda.

Not easily digested- Ayurveda experts believe that since oil spices are used more in making such food, their consumption for a long time can cause stomach irritation, acidity as well as other problems. Such food is not easily digested.

Makes Lazy – Where the body gets energy and energy from sattvic food while consuming tamasic food makes the body lazy and inert.

Harmful to health– Stale and tasteless food prepared for a long time is also considered to be tamasic, apart from this, eating more oily, spicy, and sweet food can worsen health.

Cause of anger and stress– Drugs like alcohol are also considered to have a tamasic tendency, according to experts, the consumption of such food increases anger and stress.

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