Ghostly restaurant…Ghosts are seen sitting with people at every table!

If you are bored of visiting luxurious dining restaurants from the 70s that tempt you with linen tablecloths and dazzling lights then you definitely need to try this place where you will absolutely feel like you are in the middle of the night Have reached some scary place.

Ghostly restaurant
Ghostly restaurant

We are talking about a restaurant. A restaurant where you will have to think once before, because the atmosphere here is quite scary. The restaurant is located in the city of Riyadh and is named Shadow in Dubai. Inside, a ghost will be seen sitting on a chair at every table.

This dangerous restaurant is surrounded by ghosts

A restaurant where ghosts are inhabited and the people coming here are treated differently. In such a situation, the question arises whether after seeing the gestures of the ghosts, the morsel will come off the customers’ throats or not. This restaurant has been started to scare people while eating food with fake ghosts.

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Ghostly restaurant

Staff of the restaurant looks very scary

In this restaurant, employees are shown as ghosts. Actually, seeing them, the atmosphere becomes scary. Having dinner or lunch in this restaurant is a task. Netizens are sharing the video of this restaurant on many social media platforms. Thousands of people have watched this video so far.

Ghostly restaurant...Ghosts are seen sitting with people at every table!
Ghostly restaurant

Here the seat is booked for only 5 people.

According to a report, if a person books a table with 6 seats here, then only 5 seats are provided for the people. There is always a place reserved for ghosts in the restaurant. In this some people are shown enjoying food. Though the atmosphere in the restaurant is spooky, there is nothing to be afraid of. Because all these ghosts are liars, the skeletons sitting on the chairs are also fake.

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Ghosts are seen sitting with people at every table!
Ghostly restaurant

People who are fond of eating food by going to restaurants, want to go to different types of restaurants and want to see the experience there. The restaurant also gives various discounts to attract customers. The taste of food in some restaurants is so great, so people want to go there again and again.

However, the bad taste gives the restaurant a bad name. That’s why people like to have dinner-lunch in good restaurants during holidays. But a restaurant is attracting people’s attention for some other reason. The waiters of the restaurant serve food in the guise of ghosts to the customers who come here.

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