Even after having a boyfriend, the girls here have another affair!

World Seductive City: A survey of ‘The Bottle Club’ is getting a lot of discussion around the world these days. ‘The Bottle Club’ has told in its survey that the people of which city of the world do the romance or affair most. Apart from this, the people of which city break the most hearts? The name of London, the capital of England, has come to the fore in this survey.

The people of London do the most romance

According to the Daily Star report, it was told in the survey that people of London are most attracted to each other in terms of romance. According to the survey, girls and boys of the city of London are at the forefront of having an affair.

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The people of London do the most romance
The people of London do the most romance

Londoners love the best.

The Bottle Club found in its survey that London got 72.2 out of 80 in the Seductive City category. In London, more than 1 lakh people have created their accounts on p@rnographic sites.

According to the survey, there are 131 adult events in London. Here more than 10,000 people are earning through their unclothed pictures and videos on the site of the online fan.

In this case, the name of Las Vegas of America comes at number two. Las Vegas has got 67.6 points. While New York has got 66.5 points in this category.

Weird romance also included in the category

In the case of strange romance, London is also on top. The people here fulfill their fantasies and desires in a very strange way.

In this case, London got 39 points out of 40, while second-ranked Las Vegas got 38 points. In this case, Germany’s capital Berlin is at number three, which has got 32.5 points.

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London girls are the most unfaithful

A category of infidelity has also been kept in the survey. London is also on top in terms of infidelity. According to the survey, girls and boys here cheat their couple the most.

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