World Pi Day 2023: Know facts related to it (π) on World Pi Day

World Pi Day 2023: When is World Pi Day celebrated? Interesting Facts and History
Internationally, World Pie Day is celebrated every year on 14 March. This date is chosen by Pie (π) itself, because its value is 3.14 (Month/Day Format) i.e. 14th of the third month of the year i.e. 14th March.

The ratio of the length of the circumference of a circle to the length of its diameter is called Pi (π) in mathematical language, it is a constant, whose value is 3.141.

Pi also has the value 22/7 in mathematics, which is an irrational number. It means that its decimals are neither repeated nor do they ever terminate. Its value to five decimal places is 3.14159.

Pi day

Why celebrate World Pie Day? (History)

The United States House of Representatives passed a resolution in 2009 to recognize March 14 as Pi Day. Subsequently in the year 2019, UNESCO declared Pi Day as International Mathematics Day. Although Pi Day was first celebrated in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw.

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We celebrate World Pi Day every year on March 14 ,with the aim of making the contributions of Pi (π) .

Its importance known to the people in the field of mathematics and science. On this day the great scientist Albert Einstein was born and Prof. Stephen Hawking had died.

How is World Pi Day celebrated?

Every year World Pie Day is celebrated with great fanfare by mathematicians and physicists around the world and some delicious Pie dishes and deals are also seen. Google also wishes this special day by making a doodle.

On this day people remember the great mathematicians around the world and celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday with great fanfare. Also on this day, he is remembered on the death anniversary of the great scientist, and astrophysicist Stephen William Hawking.

pi day

Some facts about Pi (World Pi Day)

  • David Spurzel, chairman of the Astrophysics Department of Princeton University, told that it is because of Pi (π) that it has been known that the Earth is not round but oval.
  • World Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 at 1:59:26 AM/PM which represents the value of Pi i.e. 3.1415926.
  • The approximate value of Pi is 3.1428, so far no one has been able to extract its exact value. Calculations done using it are based on approximation but it also increases the accuracy in calculations of very large numbers.
  • Great scientist Albert Einstein was born on March 14, he has a deep connection with π. Albert Einstein worked for a long time to extract the exact length of the river with the help of Pi.
  • In the year 2018, on March 14, the great physicist Stephen Hawking passed away, today is also his third death anniversary.
  • The value of π is a never ending random pattern after the decimal point that can be drawn to ∞ (Infinity) after 3.1415926535897932384626433….
  • Rajveer Meena of India (Vellore) holds the record for recalling the most decimal places of pi. He recalled 70,000 decimal places blindfolded on 21 March 2015, which took him 10 hours.
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Where is Pi (π) used?

In mathematics, PI is most commonly used in geometry and trigonometry.

In measuring the length of the river: Due to the length of the river being curved and meandering, its exact length which is measured by pie is used.

Pyramid size: Pi was used to calculate the size of a pyramid even before π was discovered, and it is still used today.

Distance between stars: Without π it is nearly impossible to measure the curved distance between two stars.

The shape of the Earth: Due to Pi, the illusion of those who believed that the Earth was round was dispelled, when David Spergel, chairman of the Astrophysics Department of Pinstan University, informed through a calculation that the shape of our Earth is oval.

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