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Unique tradition: Himachal Festival of vulgar abuses, Kullu Local Diwali

Himachal, has its own identity in the whole country due to unique traditions. Every village, every city has its own unique history. Let us tell you about the local Diwali of Kullu. In this Diwali, evil forces are driven away with obscene abuses.

According to the belief, evil forces run away by doing this. This festival is celebrated with great pomp in the Gadsa Valley of Kullu district of Himachal. In this unique festival, the whole village reverberates with vulgar abuses. Villagers celebrate this tradition with full customs.

Late at night people come out with burning Mashaal in their hands. Singing obscene rhymes, they circumambulate the entire village. It is said that by giving obscene abuses, prosperity remains in the area. Every year in the month of Magh, all these traditions are performed in Dev Karaj in Shiyah village.

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Such a tradition is performed in the temple of the deity Jamadagni Rishi of Shiyah village and the surrounding area on the beat of the drum.

In this local Diwali, the words of abuses are sung in cultural style. Along with this, traditional dishes are made in every house of the whole village.

Women also do not feel bad about these abuses. Today’s young generation is also celebrating this tradition which has been going on for centuries with enthusiasm.

Let us tell you that the doors of the Rishi temple are closed for two months to celebrate Magh festival with full rituals. People have to say that Maharishi stays in heaven for these two months and departs back to his place on Chaitra Sakrant.

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It is believed that in the absence of gods and goddesses, people do not get affected by any evil spirits, so that people drive away evil spirits by giving obscene abuses during this festival.

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