Loon Lota unique culture, Know why no one dares to lie

We will tell you about Loon and Lota customs in Himachal Pradesh. This tradition is going on since the time when there was neither a court nor a panchayat to decide the truth and lies. Luna Lota was once a part of the judicial system. People used to prove themselves to be true liars by the practice of Lota Loon.

Even today this practice is going on in many areas of Himachal including Giripar, Shimla, Mandi in Sirmaur. Luna means salt and lota means urn. People prove their veracity by pouring salt in an urn filled with water and proving their loyalty to others.

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Custom of the Loon and Lota

In fact, when a person takes oath as a witness by pouring salt into a pot filled with water, he is making a promise which he has to keep. If he did not act, then the way the salt dissolved in the water and ended. In the same way, if the promise or promise is not fulfilled, then the person who promised will also end in the same way. 

It was also done to remain faithful, like the Harry Potter film series Blood Pact, two people with each other by taking an oath with their blood forever. He vowed to fulfill the promise made by him. In the same way, earlier the luna lota owner was also used between the servant and the husband and wife to remain loyal to each other. 

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The vote is made sure by the luna lota, not the note. India is a democratic country. Only the elected representatives of the people govern. Elections from Panchayat to Lok Sabha are done through voting. Many candidates resort to notes to buy votes during elections, but in Giripar and some areas of Himachal, votes are confirmed by luna lota, not by note. 

When this practice was introduced to settle disputes, it was Used to settle disputes. It was a peaceful way of resolving disputes, but over time people started misusing it. This tradition of Loon Lota is absolutely fatal to secure votes at the time of elections.

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