No Smoking Day, know the history, importance and theme 

Smoking is such a bad habit that it can cause many dangerous diseases like heart attack, stroke, lung cancer. People try very hard to quit Its addiction, but they are not able to quit. To motivate those people who want to quit It, ‘No Smoking Day‘ is being celebrated on 9 March

Let us know the history, significance, and theme of the years. Along with this, you will also know about the important tips to quit It.

What is the history of ‘No Smoking Day’?

The Day was first celebrated in the year 1984 in the Republic of Ireland. It was celebrated on the day of Ash Wednesday, to make people aware of the ill effects of smoking and to motivate them to quit It. However, later it was decided to celebrate it on the second Wednesday of March every year.

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Significance and Theme 

After 1920, there was a lot of information about the ill effects of smoking. Because, the consumption of cigarette-bidi-tobacco was found to be the cause of cancer and other serious diseases. Since then it was decided to celebrate It to save people from the ill effects of It.

Every year a theme of ‘No Smoking Day’ is set. Last year the themes of ‘No Smoking Day’ were ‘Break Free’ and ‘Time to quit’. But, the theme of It has been kept as ‘Quit Your Way’.

How to Quit Smoking?

  • If you want to quit It addiction (9 tips to quit), then definitely follow these tips.
  • List of your reasons to quit the smoke and remember them daily.
  • Tell people that you are going to quit It so that they will stop you from doing it.
  • Keep a distance from people who smoke for a short time.
  • Use nicotine replacement therapy and non-nicotine drugs.
  • Exercise daily to remove the urge to smoke.
  • Whenever you feel like smoking, drink plenty of water and engage yourself.
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(The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of educating only.)

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