Navratri 2023: No Garlic and No Onion.

Fruits, vegetables, buckwheat flour, sago, and rock salt are eaten during the 9-day-long Navratri fast, but there are 2 such things, which are strictly forbidden to be eaten during this fast. It’s onion and garlic. Do you know what is the science behind this? Let’s know why garlic and onion are banned in Navratri.

Why garlic and onion are banned in Navratri
Why garlic and onion are banned in Navratri

Why are garlic and onion banned in Navratri?

According to a report, in Ayurveda, foods are classified into three categories on the basis of their nature and effect on the body. The first being Rajasic food, the second Tamasic food, and the third being Sattvic food. During Navratri fast, people consume only Sattvic food. Actually, the religious gurus of Hinduism have kept many rules very carefully, by adopting which we get indirect benefits. On the other hand, if we talk about onion and garlic, then they are considered to be tamasic in nature. They transmit energy in the body. Apart from this, onion produces heat in the body. This is the reason why it is strictly forbidden to eat it during Navratri fast.

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Ayurveda experts believe that Sattvic food is healing food, it is easy to digest, so when we eat it, our body has to spend less time outlining and can spend more time healing. It is based on the traditional custom of cooking. Eating food since time immemorial claiming its magnificent wellness incentives, from promoting digestion, increasing metabolism, improving immune functions, enriching skin, hair wellness, and keeping a calm mind.

Also, garlic is known as Rajogini. This means a substance that is believed to change your instincts. Eating it can make it difficult to differentiate between your desires and preferences. Such food can have a bad effect on our body and mind hence onion and garlic are not banned in this Festival.

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