You want discount in the restaurant, try these ‘simple’ things !

There is a restaurant in Hyderabad that gives you a discount on your food order if you show some common courtesy. Dakshin-5 Restaurant in Khajaguda, Hyderabad offers discounts to customers who say ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’ while ordering their food. Another similar discount is available if you greet employees with ‘Good Afternoon’ or wish them ‘Good Day’.

Some such discounts are available in the restaurant

This is a great initiative by the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant said that this practice will not only encourage the customers and staff to be more polite but will also bring a smile on everyone’s face. 

Dakshin-5 Restaurant in Khajaguda
Dakshin-5 Restaurant in Khajaguda

AK Solanki, an associate of the restaurant, said, “The usual ways have become very unusual, and we are trying to bring back that culture in a very small way.” The restaurant has also put up boards about the discount. This is probably the first time any restaurant in India has taken such an initiative.

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Customers get upset because of the crowd

According to media reports, Sanjeev Kumar, an associate of the restaurant said, ‘This restaurant opens daily. Employees are busy, many helpers are constantly engaged in their work due to which sometimes they are not able to provide service to the customers as per their satisfaction. 

This can upset the customers coming to the restaurant. This is an initiative that I have seen in western countries. It breaks the unpleasantness and good relationships are formed through food. Not only this, it will help in developing our culture.

Elderly customers are given discount like this

Elderly persons are given a little more importance in restaurants. To encourage them to come, the restaurant has another initiative known as ‘Elder the Better’. Here, if a person eats in a restaurant with an elderly person, the restaurant gets the same discount on the total food bill equal to the age of the eldest person in the group.

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