Why should we not eat food in a pan? Do you know the scientific facts for this?

Why one should not eat food in a pan: You must have often heard a saying that if bachelors eat food in a pan, it rains in their marriage. On the other hand, if married people do this, then they have to face financial problems throughout their life. Due to these two fears, till date people refrain from eating food in a pan, but do you know that this is not a myth, but there is also a solid scientific reason behind it. . Today we tell you about these scientific facts, after which you too will be proud of this belief.

Earlier the utensils were cleaned with ash and soil:-

In fact, in the earlier times, there was no trend of steel utensils, nor were there detergent powders for washing dishes. People usually used to cook pulses, rice, or other things in an iron skillet. Since there are traces of grease and burning in the pan, people used to put water in the pan as soon as the food was cooked to avoid it. After some time, that pan used to be cleaned with ash or soil.

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The grease used to freeze in the pan:-

The problem was aggravated that when in many houses people used to have food (Why one should not eat food in a pan) in the same pan for a long time. By doing this, the grease used to settle in that pan and it became difficult to clean it with ash and mud. Due to this, there was a danger of accumulation of dirt in it. Eating food in a cooking pan was considered a symbol of rudeness and it was also not considered good to take each other’s leftover food.

Form of an assumption given to scientific facts:-

At the same time, it was publicized that if a bachelor eats food in a pan, then it will rain in his marriage. On the other hand, if a married person does this, he will have to face poverty. This thing was given the form of recognition so that people can avoid eating food in the pan and take care of cleanliness. Even today, many people across the country follow this belief because of this scientific benefit and never make the mistake of eating food in a pan.

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The human stomach can be bad:-

This is the reason why even today it is forbidden to eat food in a pan (Why one should not eat food in a pan). The reason for this is that despite proper cleaning, there is every possibility of sticking the portions of the previous day’s food in the pan. In such a situation, by eating food in a pan, the stale part stuck in it can go into the stomach. Due to this, the stomach of a person can be upset.

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