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Stiffness in the neck and Shoulder

Are you worried about neck and shoulder pain? The pain bothers me so much that I can’t even sleep at night. You know what causes pain in the upper part of the back i.e neck and shoulders. The biggest reason for this pain is the way of slouching i.e. sleeping and sitting. This pain can be caused due to the wrong posture while sleeping at night, which one should not ignore. Due to this pain, it becomes difficult for you to get up and sleep, so it is important that you should it treat on time.

neck pain

What are the symptoms of neck stiffness?

Like any other disease or health problem, neck pain also has its own symptoms, which indicate its onset. Thus, if a person sees these 5 symptoms in his body or neck, then he should immediately seek medical help-

  1. Pain when you keep your head in one posture for a long time – The main symptom of neck pain is pain after keeping the head in one posture or direction for a long time. In such a situation, people must take the help of other people to straighten their heads.
  2. Headache- Another symptom of neck pain is a headache. In general, headaches arise for several reasons, which can make it a little difficult for people to understand that they are encountering it due to neck and shoulder pain.
  3. Difficulty in moving the head- If a person has trouble moving the head or neck, then you should take it seriously as it can be a symptom of neck pain.
  4. Muscle stiffness- Another symptom of this problem is muscle stiffness. In such a situation, people have body pain. For which they may often need to take pain-relieving medicines or visit a doctor.
  5. Lump in the neck- A lump in the neck can also be a sign of neck pain. We should not ignore it and should seek medical help.
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What mistakes cause neck pain…?

neck and shoulder pain

It is clear from the studies conducted on neck pain that the following reasons which causes these problems:

Keeping the neck in the wrong posture-

The main reason for neck pain is keeping the neck in the wrong posture. This mainly happens in the positions of mobile phones, laptops, lying down, eating, etc.

Sleeping in the wrong way-

If a person sleeps in the wrong way, then the chances of getting neck pain are very high.

Injuries –

Often, bruising can also cause neck and shoulder pain. This mainly happens due to sports injuries or injuries while doing other activities.

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Weak bones-

If the bones of a person’s body are very weak, then he may have problems like neck pain.

Suffering from any kind of disease- Sometimes, diseases like arthritis can also cause neck injury.

In such a situation, people suffering from these diseases should go through their treatment properly so that they do not have to go through any other problems.

How to get rid of neck pain sitting at home….

This is the most economical and easy way, which you can follow at the initial stage of neck pain. Therefore, if someone is suffering from neck pain, then he can get rid of it in these 5 ways-

Doing Yoga– Neck pain can be cured through yoga. For this, doing yogasanas like Sangasana, Matyasan, Sesubandha asana can prove beneficial.

Exercising– Apart from yoga, you can also do exercise for neck pain. For this, twisting to the right-left, moving the neck back and forth, moving the neck up and down are some exercises.

Using warm or ice cubes on the neck- Often, placing or using warm water or ice cubes on the neck can prove to be beneficial for this pain. Thus, doing so can reduce neck pain.

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Compressing – Similar to pain in other parts of the body, compressing can also prove to be a better option for neck pain. Therefore, you can do in this position so that you can get relief from neck pain.

Some more remedies

Slowly moving the neck- Since the neck is stiff when they have neck pain, it can be difficult for them to move the neck. In such a situation, gently moving the neck can prove to be a helpful method.

Taking breaks in between work- Since, keeping the neck in one direction or posture for a long time causes neck pain. For this reason, to avoid this pain, you should take breaks in between work so that the neck can get rest.

Sleeping posture- Always sleep on your back, never sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your back allows your neck muscles and ligaments (the tissue that connects bones to bones) to relax. It gives relaxation to the entire spine. For people who have neck-related problems, sleeping on their back and putting a pillow under both arms ends the tension of their neck muscles.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general information. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. THE MONK does not confirm this.)

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Dr Peter Roennfeldt
7 months ago

An enlightening piece on the impact of posture, lifestyle choices, and daily habits on neck and shoulder pain. The emphasis on recognizing symptoms and the simple remedies available at home is indeed valuable. For a broader perspective on rehabilitation and patient education, readers might appreciate “Comparing Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Protocols with a Focus on Patient Education for Empowered Rehabilitation”. Understanding the nuances between these therapeutic disciplines can be instrumental in making informed decisions for holistic well-being and neck pain management.