Places to make a tour in Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India, is a melting pot of different cultures, history, and architecture. From ancient monuments to modern shopping malls, tourist places in Delhi has something for everyone.

Here are some of the top tourist places in Delhi

  • Red Fort: The Red Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-visit tourist attraction in Delhi. Built in the 17th century, moreover, this majestic fort is a perfect example of Mughal architecture. The fort was the residence of Mughal emperors for almost 200 years and has witnessed some of the most important events in Indian history.
tourist places in Delhi(Red Fort )
tourist places in Delhi(Red Fort )
  • Qutub Minar: The Qutub Minar is a 73-meter tall minaret and another UNESCO World Heritage site in Delhi. In addition, the tower was built in the 12th century and is a beautiful example of Indo-Islamic architecture. The surrounding complex also includes several other historical structures, including the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque.
tourist places in Delhi(Qutub Minar)
tourist places in Delhi(Qutub Minar)
  • India Gate: The India Gate is a war memorial and a popular tourist spot in Delhi. The 42-meter high structure was built in memory of the Indian soldiers who died in World War I. The lawns surrounding the monument are a popular spot for picnics and evening walks.
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tourist places in Delhi(India Gate)
India Gate
  • Lotus Temple: The Lotus Temple is a stunning architectural marvel and a Baháʼí House of Worship in Delhi. The temple is shaped like a lotus flower and is made of white marble. Visitors can meditate or offer prayers in the serene atmosphere of the temple.
Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple
  • Jama Masjid: The Jama Masjid is one of the largest mosques in India and a significant historical site in Delhi. The mosque was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century and can accommodate over 25,000 worshippers at a time. Moreover, the mosque’s stunning architecture and intricate carvings are a testament to the rich Mughal heritage of Delhi.
Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid
  • Humayun’s Tomb: Humayun’s Tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the final resting place of Mughal emperor Humayun. The tomb was built in the 16th century and is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture. Also, the surrounding gardens and water channels add to the tranquil beauty of the site.
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Humayun  Tomb
Humayun Tomb

Some more tourist places in Delhi

  • Chandni Chowk: Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Delhi. The market is a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike and is known for its narrow lanes, street food, and traditional shops. Visitors can also shop for spices, jewelry, fabrics, and other souvenirs at the market.
tourist places in Delhi(chandni chownk)
tourist places in Delhi(chandni chownk)
  • Akshardham Temple: The Akshardham Temple is a Hindu temple and a popular tourist attraction in Delhi. In addition, the temple complex includes several buildings, gardens, and water fountains. Also, the visitors can watch a multimedia show on the life of Swaminarayan, the founder of the temple.
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tourist places in Delhi(Akshardham Mandir)
tourist places in Delhi(Akshardham Mandir)
  • National Museum: The National Museum is a treasure trove of Indian history and culture. In addition, the museum has an extensive collection of artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and manuscripts dating back to ancient times. The museum also houses a library and a conservation laboratory.
National  Museum
National Museum
  • Raj Ghat: Raj Ghat is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. The memorial is located on the banks of the Yamuna river and is a peaceful spot for meditation and reflection. Moreover, the surrounding gardens and trees make it a beautiful and serene place to visit.
Raj Ghat
Raj Ghat

These are just some of the top tourist places in Delhi. Visitors to the city can also explore other attractions such as the Parliament House, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Delhi Zoo, and the Hauz Khas Village. With so much to see and do, Delhi is a city that never fails to amaze.

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