Do you know about Choline? Know its health benefits and rich foods

Do you know about Choline? Know its health benefits and rich foods

Choline is a nutritious element that helps a lot in keeping your heart health good. It is a B vitamin and an essential nutrient. Nutritious ingredients like choline are helpful in keeping your brain function running smoothly and reducing the risk of cancer.

It is said that it is very good to include food containing choline in your diet because it is present in very less quantities in our body. In addition, It is required to produce acetylcholine (a brain chemical involved in memory and muscle control).

You will be surprised to know that it is included in many plant and animal-based foods. Let us know its health benefits and what things can be consumed by choline.

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To increase choline intake, include these things in the diet…


The best source of choline. One egg contains 145 mg of choline along with the yolk. It is high in egg yolk. If you eat eggs in their natural form, then you get more choline.

Fish rich source of Choline

It is also found in high amounts of seafood, especially fish. A high amount of choline is found in fish like tuna, salmon, and haddock. They contain 185 mg of choline. If you consume fish in the right amount, then it increases the concentration of nutritious elements like vitamin D, choline, and DHA in your blood.

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Green and leafy vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli and cabbage are a good source of choline. One cup of chopped broccoli and one chopped cabbage contains 15 mg and 45.2 mg of choline. Apart from this, you can also consume sprouted seeds.


A medium-sized potato contains 23.9 mg of choline. Red potatoes are also a good source of carbs along with choline. One boiled medium-sized red potato contains 25.1 mg of choline.

Wheat Germ (172 mg per cup)
Atlantic cod (71 mg per 3 ounces)
brussels sprouts (63 mg per cup)
Broccoli (62 mg per cup)
Salmon (56 mg per ounce)
Skim milk (38 mg per ounce)

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Health benefits of choline

Helps in increasing brain function as well as reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Reduces the risk of inflammatory and heart-related diseases and enhances heart health.

Helpful in reducing the risk of cancer.

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