Weight Loss Foods: Eat These 5 Healthy Foods Daily, Belly And Waist Fat Will Melt Like Butter

Weight Loss Foods: After the Coronavirus Pandemic, due to the lockdown and work-from-home culture, people’s weight has increased rapidly in the last few years, which is now difficult to reduce. Kheer is proving to be. Looting weight is not an easy task, for this one has to follow a strict workout and healthy diet chart. India’s famous nutrition expert ‘Nikhil Vats’ told that what are the foods that eat belly and waist fat melt like butter.

Weight Loss by eating these foods


Apple is considered to be a very healthy fruit. We have often heard that by eating an apple daily, there is no need to go to the doctor. This fruit is rich in fiber, as well as low in sugar and calories, which is why it is a great option to lose weight

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Mushroom may be an expensive food, but with its help, it helps in weight loss, fat burning, and controlling blood sugar levels. Plenty of protein is found in this food. Eating mushrooms improve your metabolism, which helps in reducing weight.


If you want to reduce body weight fast, then carrots must be included in the daily diet, because it is a low-calorie diet. Soluble and insoluble fiber are found in this vegetable which helps in maintaining weight.


There will be hardly any of us who have not eaten popcorn at home or in the cinema hall. it is a rich source of fiber which helps in maintaining weight. Keep in mind that prepare popcorn at home in less oil, because many times saturated fat is used in the market which is not good for health at all.

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(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. THE MONK does not confirm this.)

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