Cannabis cigarettes offer to Lord Shiva!

Devbhoomi Himachal is believed to be the in-laws of Lord Shiva. You must have heard flowers, belpatra, and milk being offered on Shivling. but to please Lord Shiva, cigarettes are also offered on Shivling.

This temple is in Arki of Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. This temple is known as Lutru Mahadev. Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is built inside a huge cave. 

Mythological Belief of Lord Shiva

According to mythological beliefs, in Satyuga, Agastya Muni did penance in Arki. Lord Shiva appeared here in the form of Shivling only at the request of Agastya Muni.

There is a small Shivling like the udder of a cow on the cave, from where every drop of water keeps falling right on the Shivling.

Usually, the surface of the Shivling is thin, but there are many pits in the Shivling installed in this temple. As if someone is taking a puff.

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Another Mythological Belief 

There is also a belief related to the temple that when Shiva Parvati was married in the time immemorial, all the gods started towards Kailash to attend the marriage. With all the gods coming to one side, the balance of the earth started deteriorating. 

In such a situation, Lord Shiva ordered the sage Agastya, who was doing penance in the cave of Lutru Mahadev, to go south so that the balance of the earth remains.

Devotees offer Cigarettes to Lord Shiva

The special thing about this Shivling is that Shiva devotees come here daily to offer cigarettes. It is also said that as soon as Shiva’s cigarette is placed on the Shivling, it starts smoldering and at the same time the devotees chant the praises of Lord Shiva fiercely.

Lutru Mahadev
Lutru Mahadev

The people of this village believe that Lutru Mahadev here is fond of cigarettes and he likes to smoke cigarettes. Because of this, there is a long line of people here every day. All the devotees go to the pit built around the Shivling with a cigarette and ask for their vows. 

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Know why this temple is special?

Lutru Mahadev Temple is located at a place called Arki in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is built inside a huge cave. The special thing about this temple is that here Lord Bholenath is offered in cigarette prasad.

Like other Shiva temples, flowers, fruits, milk-water, dhatura and sweets are also offered to Lord Shiva here, but the specialty of this temple is cannabis cigarettes.

Lutru Mahadev Temple
Lutru Mahadev Temple

Devotees arrive with cigarettes of different brands

The Shivling of this temple is located in the cave and it is a natural Shivling, which is worshiped by the people. Please tell that there are many holes in this Shivling. The devotees who offer cigarettes are kept in these holes of the Shivling.

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The miraculous thing is that as soon as a cigarette is placed in these holes, it seems as if someone is inhaling it and slowly the cigarette ends. On the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, there is a huge crowd of devotees in this temple and they reach the temple with different brands of cigarettes.

Cannabis cigarettes offer to Lord Shiva!
Cannabis cigarettes offer to Lord Shiva!

What is the belief about the temple?

It is believed that if Lord Shiva is not offered a cigarette, then he gets angry and untoward incidents start happening in the area. According to mythological beliefs, Agastya Muni did penance in Arki in Satyuga. 

Lord Shiva appeared here in the form of Shivling only at the request of Agastya Muni. Arki distance from Shimla is about 40 km. The taxi facility is available from Shimla to Arki.

Shree Mutru Mahadev Temple
Shree Mutru Mahadev Temple

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