Kajal (Black Kohl) will damage your eyes, know the facts

Kajal (Kohl) will damage your eyes, know the facts

No matter how beautiful you look by applying kajal (Black Kohl), doing so can prove to be dangerous for you because the kajal available in the market is full of harmful chemicals.

Doing makeup is the hobby of every woman, it enhances her beauty even more. Applying kajal is considered an important part of makeup. Due to this, the eyes look very beautiful and big. But do you know that applying kajal daily can prove to be dangerous for your eyes?

Chemicals in market kajal (Kohl)

To give beauty to the eyes of women in the market nowadays, there are many types of Kajal (Black Kohl) in the market, but the number of chemicals in it can be high, which creates a risk of allergic and dry eyes in the eyes.

Eye damage

Elements like mercury, lead, and parabens are used in Kajal, which can cause problems of conjunctivitis in the eyes, it is also called ‘conjunctivitis’. Applying kajal daily can cause eye allergies, corneal ulcers, and dye eyes. Not only this but there is also a risk of swelling inside the eyes.

How to make chemical free kajal (Kohl) at home?

To make Kajal, first of all, keep the lamp lit, then after that keep both the bowls on the side and then put a little ghee on the plate and keep the bowl on it. After this, the soot will come out on the plate for 20 to 30 minutes. You can take it out and keep it in a box. Add a drop of coconut oil to it and mix it well. In this way, your homemade kajal will be ready.

“The changing trend of make-ups causing MGD is dangerous. Eyeliner and other make-up usually clog the meibomian glands leading to the formation of painless lumps in the eyelids hence obstructing the vision,” said Mahipal Sachdev, Director, Centre for Sight, a chain of centers in North India.

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