Bengali Special Culture: These 5 days are memorable for Bengalis, know the importance

As we all know that Durga Puja in Bengal is very special, but the five days of Shashti to Dashami are memorable for Bengalis. In small districts of Bengal, Bengalis celebrate every day of worship in different colors.

Festival colors of Durga Puja

They enjoy this worship with the help of domestic colors. The worship of the Durga starts after she is seated on the pavilion. Every day of Navratri has significance. From the first day till Panchami.

Shashthi is also called Mahashashthi. Bengalis are seen in a different style on this day. If we remember the things of the Puranas, then on this day Goddess Durga comes to this earth.

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They are welcomed with Dhak-Dhol. On this day the face of Goddess Durga is opened. Till now his face is kept covered. They are welcomed with bodhan, invitation and the worship of the mother begins with Uli sound.

Why do Ladies wear a Yellow Silk Sari?

On this day, Kola Bou is decorated with a yellow silk sari. He is worshiped first. Pandit Mashai first worships Kola Bou and after that, the mother is worshiped with Dhak Dhol.

Kola Bou

Lord Ganesha is also established on this day. Kola Bou is said to be a symbol of good luck. On this day nine types of plants are worshiped, they are bathed, it is called Mahasnan.

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Importance of Saptami, Durga Puja

Saptami is special for girls. Wearing a beautiful yellow sari, she goes to the mother’s pavilion and prays there for any boon she wishes.


Ashtami is special because buffaloes are sacrificed on this day. Married women pray for the long life of their husbands by applying a branch in their hand and a long vermilion in demand.

Durga Puja, Ashtami

Actually, this day is celebrated as the burning of Mahishashur. The victory of good over evil is celebrated. Pandits chant mantras in Sanskrit and family members go to the pandal for worship.

In the evening, all the people with friends make long queues and have darshan of the pandal. The next three days are very interesting for Bengalis. They roam around in the pandals and enjoy the whole night of worship.

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