Unique tips for cutting onions, tears will never come out

If you are also afraid of cutting onions, then this is the news of your work. Here we are telling you such tips, so that your tears will not come while cutting onions.

The more delicious it is to eat onions, the more it cries while cutting. However, the contribution of onion is important to enhance the flavor of the vegetable. But if someone is asked to cut onions, then he runs on the opposite foot.

Actually, everyone knows that due to the enzymes found in onions, tears come out of our eyes. But now you will not have to cry while cutting onions. Because we are telling you some such home remedies. Through which you will not cry while cutting onions.

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Keep the onion in the freezer for 2 hours before cutting

If you also put the onion in vinegar for some time before cutting it, then tears will not come out of your eyes while cutting it. Apart from this, keep the onion in the freezer for 2 or three hours before cutting it. Actually, during this process, the enzyme released from the onion will come out in small quantities. In such a situation, when you cut onions, tears will not come out of your eyes.

Fork the onions

Keep in mind that while cutting the onion, cut it not from the upper part but from the root side. Use a sharp knife to cut the onion so that the onion can be cut quickly. Doing this will also bring less tears to your eyes.

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Use of lemon while cutting onions

Lemon, which is usually easily available in everyone’s homes, proves to be very helpful while cutting onions. Apply a little lemon juice on the knife with which you are cutting the onion. By doing this tears will not come from your eyes. Apart from this, if you whistle while chopping onions, then tears will not come from your eyes. This is because air comes out of your mouth while whistling, which does not allow the enzyme to reach you.

Use these methods also

You light a candle or a lamp while cutting onions. By doing this, the gas coming out of the onion will go towards the candle or lamp and thus tears will not come out of your eyes. Apart from this, even if you keep a piece of bread in your mouth and chew it while cutting onions, your eyes will not bring tears. According to media reports, keep the onion in the air or sunlight for a while. Even by doing this, tears will not come out while cutting onions.

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(Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more details.)

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