Unbelievable Facts! What do we think before your death? 

For the first time, it has been recorded that when a person’s death comes near, what goes on in his mind during that time. In fact, scientists have claimed that the dying brain is remembering the good memories of its life in the last moments.

According to the report, scientists accidentally captured our most complex organ, the brain. During this, he recorded what the brain thinks at the last moment.

The person was thinking 15 minutes before death

According to the report of The Sun, the patient was undergoing treatment in a hospital. In fact, an 87-year-old man was undergoing treatment for epilepsy, which was linked to an electroencephalogram (EEG). During treatment, he suddenly got a heart attack and he died.

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The first 15 minutes of his death have been recorded, from which it was clearly told that the person was remembering good memories in the last moments of his life. These 15 minutes were recorded on Easy, which showed that the patient’s final heartbeat became very fast during the 30 seconds of death and a unique wave was recorded there. This wave is known as Gamma Oscillations. 

It is like remembering memory and dreaming. It has been said in the report that this means that more research is still needed in this whole matter, but it is definitely told that a person remembers his best memories before dying.

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The mind remains active even after the body is over

It was told in this research that during this time the brain of this person was very active. Also told that at the last moment the human mind reaches such a state as if you are dreaming of a dream. 

Unbelievable Facts! What do we think before your death? 

The surprising thing is that at that time our body ends, but even after reaching the final stage, our mind works. Dr Ajmal Zemmar, a neurosurgeon at the University of Louisville Zemmar, who conducted this research, said that during the Gamma Oscillations wave, our brain starts remembering old good memories. 

He said that it may be that in this last moment our brain remembers some important moments in the last moments of life.

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For the first time this type of change was seen in humans

He told that such things in the mind increase the challenge when life ends. Because during this time there is a lot of problem in donating human parts. They reported that similar brainwave changes have been observed in rats other than humans, but have never been seen before in humans.

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