Russia-Ukraine War: The whole story of Russia-Ukraine dispute

Russia-Ukraine War: The whole story of Russia-Ukraine dispute

Russia-Ukraine War: The Russia-Ukraine War is now moving towards the Third World War. Russia has threatened those coming between itself and Ukraine, while America has also said with a stern warning that the result will be very bad.

Russia-Ukraine War

Russia will have to pay the price. Britain and other countries are also standing against Russia. This time NATO is believed to be the reason behind the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine War


NATO means North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which was started in the year 1949. Ukraine wants to join NATO but Russia does not. It is important to know that what is the root of this controversy? Why have these provinces, which were once friends during the Soviet Union, become enemies of each other after becoming two countries?

Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine is bordered by Europe to the west and Russia to the east. Until 1991, Ukraine was part of the erstwhile Soviet Union (USSR). Even after the separation, Russia’s influence in Ukraine was visible to a large extent.

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Russia's influence in Ukraine was visible to a large extent.

The government of Ukraine also worked on the orders of the Russian government. However, the deteriorating economy, rising inflation, and rule over Ukrainians, a majority of the minority Russian-speaking people, fueled the rebellion.

a majority of the minority Russian-speaking people, fueled the rebellion.


  • Ukraine declared independence from Russia.
  • Leonid Kravchuk becomes president by referendum


  • Leonid Kuchma defeated Leonid Kravchuk in the election.


  • Kuchma was once again elected President.
  • There were allegations of irregularities in the election.


  • Viktor Yanukovich, favored by Russia, became president.
  • There were allegations of rigging in the elections, demonstrations took place.
  • Known as the Orange Revolution.
  • Viktor Yushchenko, a supporter of the West, was elected president.


  • Yushchenko resolved to reduce the dominance of Russia.
  • Told Ukraine to join NATO and EU.


  • NATO’s promise to Ukraine, you will be part of our alliance.


  • Yanukovich defeated Yulia Timashenko in the presidential election.


  • Yanukovic suspends trade talks with the US.
  • Trade agreements with Russia.
  • The big demonstration started in Kiev.


  • More than 14 thousand protesters died.
  • Parliament voted to remove Yanukovic.
  • Yanukovic left Ukraine and fled to Russia.
  • Fighters hoist the Russian flag over the parliament in Crimea, Ukraine.
  • On March 16, Russia included it in Russia by referendum.
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  • Free market trade deal was signed between Ukraine and the EU.


  • The Orthodox Church of Ukraine gets official recognition.
  • Russia was angered by this when it got official recognition.

June 2020

  • IMF gave financial assistance of $ 5 billion to Ukraine.

January 2021

  • Ukraine urges America to join NATO.

October 2021

  • Ukraine used the Bayraktar TB-2 drone.
  • Russia was angered by the use of drones.

November 2021

  • Russia increased the deployment of forces on the border of Ukraine.

7 December 2021

  • Biden’s warning to Russia on increasing the number of Russian troops.
  • If Russia attacks Ukraine, there will be economic sanctions – US

10 January 2022

  • US and Russian diplomats’ talks fail amid Ukraine-Russia tensions.

14 January 2022

  • Cyber ​​attack warning on Ukraine.
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17 January 2022

  • Russian army started reaching Belarus.

24 January 2022

  • NATO put the army on standby.

28 January 2022

  • Putin said- Russia’s main demand was security which was not accepted.

2 February 2022

  • US said- Poland will send 3000 additional soldiers to Romania.

4 February 2022

  • Putin got the support of China.
  • Ukraine should not be part of NATO: China

7 February 2022

  • French President Emmanuel Macron meets Putin
  • Macron said – Putin agreed, Russia said – the deal was not done

9 February 2022

  • Joe Biden said – Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.
  • America asked the American people to leave the country.

15 February 2022

  • Russia said – some of its army is returning.

18 February 2022

  • US ambassador said – Russia increased troops on Ukraine border.

19 February 2022

  • Russia’s military exercises nuclear weapons.

21 February 2022

  • Russia recognized two parts of Ukraine – Lohansk-Donetsk.

24 February 2022

  • Russia announced a military operation on Ukraine and the war started.

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