Big Side Effects of Sleeping Too Much

Sleeping too much dangerous side effects

Sleeping side effects: Getting good and complete sleep is very important for health, it gives you energy and helps in keeping the body active throughout the day, but if you are one of those people who sleep more than necessary, then you have to bear the loss. may fall. This can lead to many health problems

Big Side Effects of Sleeping Too Much

5 Big Side Effects of Sleeping Too Much

1. Headache

The serotonin hormone produced in our body controls our sleeping and waking patterns. If you sleep too much, it has a negative effect on serotonin. It disrupts neurotransmitters, due to which headache can be complained. On the other hand, when you sleep for a long time, you suddenly feel very hungry and thirsty and this leads to headache.

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2. Back Pain

If you have a habit of sleeping for a long time, then you will often be troubled by the problem of back pain. The poor quality of the mattress can also be the reason for this. If you sleep for a long time on such a mattress, then it puts pressure on the muscles and thus sleeping for a long time causes back pain.

3. Depression

Sleeping for a long time can also be a symptom of depression. If you keep sleeping for a long time, then your depression will increase due to this. Due to the disturbed sleeping cycle, you will feel stress and mental pressure all the time and it will affect your routine.

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4. Excessive Fatigue

After sleeping for a long time, you feel tired throughout the day and even after sleeping for a long time, many times you keep getting sleepy throughout the day. This is a side effect of sleeping too much. This happens due to the disturbance of the body clock. Due to excessive rest, muscles and nerves become stiff. This makes one feel tired.

5. Risk of Diabetes

Sleeping too much also disturbs the balance of hormones in the body. The hormones that control insulin are greatly affected by this. Due to feeling tired, there is a lack of energy in the body and you start eating junk food or high-calorie things. This also increases the blood sugar level.

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