Find out if your crush likes you or not? Get these signs..

Have butterflies in your stomach, or a feeling of electric shock. Does this mean that you have a crush on someone? Do you really just see yourself as a friend? If you are feeling quite confused, don’t worry. We are here to help you understand your feelings whether the person on your mind is just a friend or something.

To help you resolve the conflict of your heart, here are the signs that show a guy’s interest in you.

  1. Eye Talk– The feelings of a person are visible in his eyes. If your crush looks into your eyes while talking to you or if you have ever seen him looking at you secretly, then it is not even an empty friendship.
  2. Desire to know everything about you– If your crush asks you such questions so that he can get maximum information about you, then understand that he is interested to know about you.
  3. Notice things– If your crush remembers everything about your speech or from your clothes to your handwriting. So it means he wants to know you best.
  4. Appreciates you- If your crush likes you, he will appreciate or admire you for almost anything like your haircut, what perfume you wear or how you dress.
  5. Always ready to help– The person who eagerly offers you help with just about anything may really like you. So, if your crush is always available to lend you a hand when you need it, there may be a chance that he is trying to be influential.
  6. Finding ways to be close to you – If you notice that, without even trying, you are always sitting with or next to your crush, then it is either an act of destiny or that of your crush. Watch how your crush behaves whenever you are around. Does he pass in front of you all the time or turn to a friend who is close to you? Is it just coincidence and timing?
  7. Mood Changes Seeing You Hang Out With Someone Else – How does your crush react whenever he sees you in a deep conversation or walking side by side with another person of the opposite intercourse? If you notice he gets unusually depressed every time this happens, then it’s probably because of you.
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