National Vaccination Day: Why is Vaccination Day celebrated in India? Know the reason and importance

National Vaccination Day: This day celebrates the Government of India’s polio eradication program Pulse Polio. It is a step towards eradicating polio from India.

In India, National Vaccination Day is on March 16 to honor and show gratitude for the commitment of the front-line healthcare workers who fight to ensure that every child receives immunizations. With increasingly intensive immunization programs, India has made remarkable progress toward expanding regular vaccination.


Vaccination is a way of artificially activating the immune system to protect against infectious diseases. Therefore, the vaccine is an essential element for the human body and it helps the human body to protect against many diseases. This is the reason why a child should get vaccination soon after birth. We understood its value only during the Corona pandemic when the whole world adopted the process of vaccination in large numbers to increase immunity. The process of vaccination in large quantities is still going on in the country. It is celebrated on March 16 only to show the importance and need for the vaccine.

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National vaccination day

We celebrate National Vaccination Day every year on 16 March. The Polio vaccine is behind this celebration. Yes, on March 16, 1995, for the first time in the country, life-saving polio vaccination was given. National Vaccination Day celebrates the Government of India’s polio eradication program Pulse Polio. Also, it was a remarkable initiative to eradicate polio from India. As per the program, children in the age group of 0 to 5 years were provided with two drops of polio vaccine.

The Pulse Polio program in India became a huge success as in 2014 the World Health Organization declared India a ‘polio-free country’. Reportedly, the last case of polio in India was reported in West Bengal in 2011. After the success of the polio program, India began its work on vaccination against very serious diseases such as tuberculosis and tetanus.

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polio vaccine

Reason for the celebration of Vaccination Day

Over the past few decades, vaccines have become an important weapon in fighting deadly diseases around the world. This day highlights the role and importance of vaccines. However, we should not ignore the role which the vaccine play in the present era.

As per the World Health Organization report, vaccines save around 2 to 3 million lives every year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is raging all over the world. Moreover, the Indian government is taking every necessary step to vaccinate each and every citizen of India.

What is the National Vaccination Day theme in 2023?

Every year, a different theme represents “World Vaccination Day”. The main objective of National Vaccination Week is to raise awareness of the benefits of vaccination. Therefore, this year’s National Vaccination Day’s theme is “Vaccines Work For Everyone”.

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The advertising campaign will emphasize how immunizations and those who create, administer, and receive them are heroes for protecting everyone’s health worldwide.

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