Do not play with health in Navratri, take care of yourself during fasting

In order to please the mother during Navratri, devotees observe a fast according to their reverence. By keeping a fast for nine days, they worship Maa Durga. During this, some devotees eat fruits and many drink only water for nine days. According to medical, fasting is considered right. Due to this, the level of metabolism of your body is also controlled. But not eating anything for nine days can affect your health. So if you take care of some things then your health will not be affected at all. So let us tell you how you can keep yourself healthy during Navratri fast.

Mental health

It is necessary for you to keep yourself healthy during the fast. If you follow a good diet during this time, then fasting will be beneficial for your health as well. According to experts, do not consume more fatty things during this time and do not reduce food and drink completely. This can spoil your health.

Control your weight

You can control your weight during Navratri fast. You can control your weight by not consuming high-calorie things fast. You can consume green leafy vegetables during fasting. This will also keep your digestive system good and the vitamins present in it help in keeping your health right. Eating fruits will also lower your cholesterol level.

Take a balanced diet

In fasting, you should take a balanced diet to keep yourself completely healthy. Take a complete diet according to your body. Before starting the fast, take a light diet for a day or two. You can consume fruits, thin khichdi, or porridge for dinner. Eat fewer chips made from bananas and potatoes. Make thin kheer with toned milk and eat it. This will keep your weight under control. Don’t eat too much-fried food. Eat fruits and dry fruits.

Eat a little bit during the day

To keep yourself full of energy throughout the day, you kept eating little by little. Keep eating fruits, and juices after some time. Don’t eat everything at once. This can damage your digestive system.

Avoid Heavy Workouts in Navratri Fast

You should also not do heavy workouts during fasting. If you have kept a fast, do not go to the gym, do light exercise by staying at home. Excess heavy workouts can weaken the body even more. You may have many health problems. Do only yoga while staying at home.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. THE MONK does not confirm this.)

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