Do you have this line in your palm too? So be Alert!

It is said that the Sun line on our palm tells a lot. It has also often been seen that people have a curiosity to know their future, so they often show their palms to astrology.

Palmistry, a branch of astrology, tells important things about the future. Its information is available through palm lines, shapes, marks, moles.

Palmistry is an ancient branch of science. Which assesses the character and future of a person on the basis of the lines of the palms.

The lines on the Palm tell about your auspicious and inauspicious fate. Let us tell you about five such lines and signs, which indicate danger.

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These Sun line in Palm Indicate Poverty

  • If there is a black or brown mole on the ring finger in the palm, then such people have to face the money crunch at some point in their life. Even if these people earn a lot of money, it gets spent somewhere.
  • People in whose palms the brain line is broken or making a trap, then they also have to see the days of poverty in their life.
  • People who have a mole on the Sun Line or Apollo Line in their palm have to bear the burden of debt. These people lead a life of misery and stress due to borrowing.
  • The people whose small lines cut the lifeline are called barrier lines. According to the place where such lines intersect the lifeline, it is known about the age at which an accident or serious illness will happen in a person’s life.
  • There are seven mountains in the palm of any person, the place of each mountain is fixed. If there is a circle line on those mountains, then its positive effect decreases. Simply put, it will create a negative effect.
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(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. THE MONK does not confirm the same.)

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