Crazy Woman Wants Biggest Earlobes, want to set a world record

Woman Wants Biggest Earlobes: You must have seen many types of crazy people, but today we are going to tell you about such an eccentric woman. Those who have a very strange craze of increasing their ear holes. There is a craze on the head of this woman that the hole in her ear should be so big that a world record is made. For this, she always keeps enlarging the holes of her ears by dragging.

Increasing her ear hole by stretching 

According to the report of Daily Star, a woman named Bianca Ferro wants to make her mark in the world through this strange fad. From the age of 13, he started increasing her ear hole by stretching and pulling. Today her ear hole has become 3.3 inches long. Bianca is 24 years old and lives in New Jersey, USA. She is also a tattoo artist by profession.

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Bianca is very fond of doing body modification. Till the time she was in school, people used to tease her by calling her fat. After this, she learned to love herself and started enlarging her ear holes to make her mark in the world. She often used to pull her ears. He did not even inform his parents about this. Although when she used to pull her ear, she was interrupted in the house, she did not listen to anyone.

Want to set a world record

Bianca says that she wants to set a world record through her ear. Right now he has stretched his ears and made them 3.3 inches long. To set a world record, he would have to lower his ear to 4.1 inches. Bianca is doing everything possible for this. She wears very strange jewelry in her ears. Loves her ears, which she is gradually increasing. She hopes that one day, she will set a world record in Biggest Earlobes.

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