Cities left in memory….Where no one live anymore

In this article, we will tell you about amazing cities which are left in memory.

The world's most fascinating abandoned towns and cities

These areas, which were once buzzing with facilities from all over the world, do not know who got their eyesight or someone got cursed, which now no other creature except birds can be seen here. A thriving population still lives far away from Grand-Bassam. But the best areas and buildings in this area have been vacant for many decades. This resort city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Until the 15th century, it was a very prosperous and full population area.

The world's most fascinating abandoned towns and cities

Mining took place between 1887 and 1974 from a mine on the island off the coast of Nagasaki. After the natural wealth was exhausted, this beautiful area became deserted. In recent years, this area has become an important tourist destination. Hashima also has a past that the area was used as a camp during the Second World War. where more than 1,000 Korean and Chinese civilians and prisoners of war were executed.

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The world's most fascinating abandoned towns and cities

The area was the center of a weeklong siege between August and September 1937 between Republican and Fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War. This village, built in 1939, also got ruined due to the war. Today this area has an important contribution in the tourism of Spain.

World Heritage Sites

The population of the Bodie area of ​​America was 10,000 in the late 1870s. There was a gold mine here. This area was also very prosperous and full of prosperity. But the body’s luster faded in the early 20th century. In 1920 its population was reduced to only 120. The well-preserved buildings of this deserted city today make it a memorable stop for a Wild West tour.

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The world's most fascinating abandoned towns and cities

Located in the far south of Italy, Craco’s spectacular architecture makes it one of the most visited deserted cities in the world. People started leaving the area in the 1960s after the sewage problem and water scarcity followed by landslide incidents and in 1980 the area became completely deserted.

World Heritage Sites

Many buildings in this area of ​​Namibia are half submerged in sand. The ruins of Kolmanskop show that this area was once very rare. It was a buzzing city in the middle of the desert. The interest of the people of Germany and the completion of the diamond mine work started in 1956, the desertion of this area. Tourists chirping in silence come from far and wide to see the beauty of the sand.

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World Heritage Sites

Fishing was once done in this area. The massacre took place on June 10, 1944, in this city that had fallen victim to the horrors of World War II. During that time most of the population here was killed. After 1999, it was developed as a tourist spot.

The world's most fascinating abandoned towns and cities

This area is still England’s most famous, deserted, and medieval village. This area was once buzzing with population. World Heritage Sites is operated by the English Heritage Council. Even today, there is a gathering of archaeologists and tourists.

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