Wearing black color will make you look thinner !

Everyone likes to wear different colors. Each color has its own meaning, in such a situation people prefer to wear black color, but do you know that It is considered a symbol of darkness.

Do you know why one should wear black on Saturday? According to the belief, Shani Dev likes the black color very much, so people are advised to wear It on Saturday.

Wearing black color will make you look thinner

Wearing black colored clothes on Saturday will not only bring good luck to you but will also strengthen your self confidence and you will get success in every field. Also, wearing black clothes will make you look thinner.

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Black is slimming 

The specialty of black color is that you look very slim and beautiful in it. In general, you can see that Bollywood actresses like to wear black in any party or festival to make themselves look beautiful and slim. Many people also like to wear black to show their fashion and skills.

If you are going to a wedding, then you will look very beautiful by wearing black color, so that all eyes will be fixed on you, to look even more beautiful, put a small dot of black color on the forehead, with which the look will be further enhanced.

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If you think that a person with dark skin should not wear black clothes, then you are wrong, because black is the only color that looks good on everyone. It is found in every season. When you wear black then you do not need to show your fashion because black is fashion in itself. 

Black looks good on everyone. Actually….not true! JUST as not true as saying any other color in the color wheel looks good on everyone! black is BOLD. So it may actually wash some people out, might be too dramatic to their features, while for others it enhances your look. Don’t despair if you think black is just too stark for you, this is where toning it down to charcoal grey or beyond, is your happy place!

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