Story of a labourer to a model! become famous overnight

Story of a labourer to a model! become famous overnight

You must have often heard this saying that if you are in luck, you will come and meet yourself. This proverb fits perfectly on a 60-year-old daily wage labourer from Kerala.

60-year-old daily wage laborer from Kerala has become a professional model. It is surprising to think that how a laborer can become a professional model.

Actually, there is a photographer who has done all this amazingly, who made a laborer a model. Mammika, a resident of Kodivalli, Vennakadu, became famous on social media overnight.

A video of her transformation from a laborer to a model is going viral on social media. The video was shared by the photographer on his Instagram, making him an overnight sensation. Watch the video here:

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Model look from lungi

The video begins with an elderly man, who is seen in a lungi and a faded shirt before the transformation begins. Then after a beard trim, a haircut and many other salon treatments, he is seen in a new look. Everyone is surprised to see whom.

Secret of the video

When photographer Sharik Vayil saw Mammika, he found her face to be similar to that of actor Vinayakan. Photographer Sharik Vayil had already made up his mind that he would make Mammika his model.

First photoshoot

Wearing a suit, tie and goggles, Mamika posed with an iPad in her hand. In another picture, Mammika was dressed in a Jodhpuri suit, turban, ethnic jewelery and goggles with a small sword in her hand.

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Post her new looks, Mammika said that she now wants to try modeling along with the profession of a daily wage labourer. 60-year-old Mamika has also joined Instagram where she is also posting pictures from the shoot.

A 60-year-old daily wage labourer, Mammikka, has found instant internet fame after he worked as a  model for a wedding suit company in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. Netizens are impressed by his makeover and the comfort he displayed in front of the camera.

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